Everyone Has A Name, Everyone Has A Story, Everyone Matters To God

Why should I share my story?

A changed life may be the only bible that others may read. We believe that your story will bring Him glory! Sharing your story can build a relational bridge to those who are lost, hurting, and looking for answers. God is able to take your painful experiences and transform them into an offer of life, hope, and healing. Ultimately your story is part of God’s redemptive story. His desire is for us to know Him and love Him. Your story can be the first step in showing people His love.

How to share your story

We all have a story. Sharing it can be simple. Be real. Be honest. You don’t need to be a biblical scholar to share your story. Share from your heart and explain the hope you’ve found in Jesus Christ. Attempt to communicate in a way your audience will understand. Use scripture but please don’t be preachy. Just share how He has changed your life. Share how has He given you hope and remember that God should be at the center of your story. He is the reason we share our stories, not to glorify ourselves. Our story – His glory!

I'm new here...

If you’re new here there are a couple things we’d like you to know. We’re serious about reaching people for Jesus Christ. We accept everyone AS IS and no one is excluded. Since all people matter to God they matter to us.


Love Shack

Every time we hit the streets of our city with the love of God, we find men, women, children, and families in desperate need of love, comfort, and care. Our highest priority is expressing God’s love through a smile, conversation, and comforting words/actions. We want people to know they are valuable! They are made in God’s image – not discarded, worthless, or condemned. Our secondary goal is to bless them with warm clothes, socks, sanitary items, sleeping bags, and other basic care supplies. Check it out!


Have a story?   Tell us about it.

Send us your story and we will contact you regarding publishing, promotion, and opportunities to share as a testimony.

Join Us - Sunday's at 9AM & 11AM

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Prayer Form

Prayer is a key element to loving God. It is not us simply asking God to meet our needs or give us things - like a supernatural vending machine. It is the act of talking to Him and being in a relationship with Him. If you'd like us to intercede on your behalf with God - something that Jesus does also - please send us your confidential prayer request by clicking on the link. Fill out your information and it will go directly to our prayer team.